RxWorks comes in its standard offering with a number of modules that we have identified as the essentials in the operation of a modern day veterinary practice. There are an additional range of modules which can be obtained individually or as part of the Quality Care System.

RxWorks Standard Modules

Automatically send text messages and email to your clients. Automated Message Manager will help you send effective and reliable communications to help improve patient care. It’s these little things that show your clients you will go the extra mile in caring for their animals.

Most veterinarians agree that regular and meaningful communication with clients increases loyalty to their practice. However, consistency and the amount of staff involvement are problems. Automated Message Manager addresses those problems by allowing you to automatically create and send emails and SMS messages when they’re needed without any manual effort. They are customisable and include client and patient details for a more personal touch.


  • Build client bonds with your practice
  • Improve healthcare compliance and acceptance of your standards of care
  • Better utilise staff time
  • Reduce the number of “no-shows”
  • Improve revenue, profit and reduce the cost of communication

Although there are already very useful reports in RxWorks, we know they do not meet every client’s needs. So, we have created Data Access to make it easier for you to create your own detailed reports. We have simplified the intricate structure of the RxWorks database and given you real-time views of your practice data. If you require more customisable reports from your RxWorks database and are familiar with SQL reporting, then this option is for you.


  • Monitor and improve your practice performance with detailed and accurate reporting
  • Track business KPI’s and build customised reports
  • Access data with any risks

A care plan is a preventative or chronic patient care plan for patients that offers a set amount of visits for a set fee (usually discounted as clients are essentially booking in bulk practice visits). The advantages of a care plan are increased compliance, improved patient care, practice loyalty and dependable practice revenue.

The RxWorks Care Plan Manager schedules services to provide the preventative or chronic care you feel is in the best interests of the patient.  You can easily identify the plan most suitable for the patient based on their demographics and the plan rules – reducing staff time and ensuring the most appropriate care is offered.


  • Strengthen clients’ loyalty to your practice and improve client retention
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Facilitate clients’ acceptance of your care recommendations
  • Improve practice cash flow and profitability
  • Simplify the administration of care plans with minimum effort required by staff

Manually keeping track of stock orders can be time consuming and challenging. Over the years, the distribution industry has made significant advances when using computers to improve the accuracy of product ordering, and many now offer their services electronically. RxWorks has taken its’ many years of experience in integrating with such industry partners over the world, to bring you the benefits of electronic ordering through this program.


  • Reduce stock wastage with two-way electronic communication with vendors
  • Improve practice profitability with fees based on accurate stock costs
  • Free up staff by reducing the ordering and receiving time

RxWorks Events Manager lets you communicate with your clients and potential clients about events, promotions, or simply providing educational material about patient healthcare. Maintaining regular posts on your twitter account or being timely in communication about events is time consuming and hard to do in a busy practice, but is essential to ensure your event or promotion is a success. With Events Manager, you can ‘set and forget’ well ahead of time, leaving you to get on with the task of running a busy practice.


  • Save staff time with pre-scheduled messaging
  • Improve customer service with personalised messaging
  • Build rapport with your customers with regular communications

The professional image of your practice is reinforced by the appearance of all communications with clients. This applies to all letters, certificates and forms. However, building a library of documents templates takes many weeks of work. Not surprisingly, most practices never get around to the task. Forms, Certificates & Letters (FCL) is a library of pre-formatted documents that meet the majority of your requirements and are maintained by RxWorks. Or you can change them to meet your own needs.


  • Improve your image with consistent, professional presentations
  • Save time, ensure accuracy and maintain consistency through automatic updates
  • Reinforce your personal attention to clients and patients
  • Save weeks of research, setup time and cost

Clients expect their veterinarian to help them make any necessary claims and will object to any charge for the service. The burden for making claims is placed squarely on your practice and one of your challenges is to provide the service without incurring a significant drain on resources – time and money. Insurance Manager allows you to create insurance claims for a patient, linked to a policy. The claim covers a date range and all charges applied to the patient in that time, are available to add to the claim – provided that they are not already associated with an existing claim, avoiding the possibility of double claiming.


  • Improve customer service with faster resolutions
  • Save staff time by removing the need for manual data entry
  • Paper-free

Recording and charging for all lab tests are perennial problems in most practices and a major contributor to lost revenues. RxWorks Lab Manager is a tool that greatly improves work efficiency. It allows the exchange of information between RxWorks and a wide range of both internal lab devices and external lab service providers. The outcome is a quicker, fully automated workflow. It provides a reliable and cost-effective method of ordering tests as well as automatically retrieving and recording the results.


  • Increase accuracy by automatically integrating results
  • View lab results directly from patient records
  • Avoid missed charges linked with lab tests

The prescription process can often be casual and jumbled. It may involve a receptionist seeking out a veterinarian to look up a patient’s record, and the veterinarian deciding to dispense the medication or asking the client to bring the patient in again.
• Specify the item, quantity, number of repeats, and expiry date. When dispensing, you can vary the quantity as long as you do not exceed the maximum quantity. You cannot dispense the item after the expiry date.


  • Save time by with easy to view and catalogue prescriptions
  • Improve customer service seeing if a repeat medication is authorised and, if so, process the prescription without a veterinarian
  • Ensure dispensing accuracy with by specifying the item, quantity, number of repeats, and expiry date. You can vary the quantity as long as you do not exceed the maximum quantity. Items cannot be dispensed after the expiry date.

Recent studies show clients place a great amount of value on having a follow-up call from their veterinary team. Recall Manager is an easy-to-use and reliable function that helps you keep on top of those important follow-up calls that are necessary to complete your professional patient care process.


  • Automatically generate follow-up lists to help grow client bonds
  • Improve patient compliance by ensuring clients are reminded of all follow procedures
  • Improve patient care be ensuring notes from follow-up calls are saved to patient records
  • Increase practice visits with proactive client communication

The Quality Care System

Strengthen your bond with clients by providing a home from home for their pets – and at the same time benefit from another source of revenue. RxWorks Boarding Manager Module helps practices manage reservations for client’s animals that board with you. It also provides your staff with details of all of the individual needs of the pet.  And ensures that you are charging for any optional services you provide. Clients consider that the quality of your boarding services is just as important as that of your medical care.  Boarding Manager helps you deliver the quality you desire.


  • Streamline the management of your boarding resources
  • Improve patient care by keeping track of a boarder’s special needs
  • Reduce missed charges by ensuring all services are billed

The primary goals of the HealthCare Manager Module are to help you increase clients’ acceptance of your preventative care recommendations – resulting in a healthier patient and practice. Another effect of better patient care is a stronger bond between clients and your practice. HealthCare Manager provides you with the tools to build those client bonds, as well as increase client referrals and services to your patients.


  • Improve patient care with event driven patient care indicators
  • Increase preventative care revenue
  • Manage client’s acceptance and staff performance
  • Bond clients to your practice with consistent recommendations that improve your clients’ perception of your practice
  • Optimise practice performance by monitoring staff activities and patient compliance

Successful practices depend on having a fee schedule that is both fair and profitable. But a sensible fee is just one part in the delivery of professional services, you also need a set of standards that help provide the best treatment possible for your patients. Those efforts are supported by Performance Pack. It ensures that all tasks involved in a patient visit are completed and accurate – all with a minimum of data entry. Let Performance Pack help you deliver consistency of service and ensure a sound business base.


  • Increase practice revenue and reduce missed charges with pre-existing templates
  • Meet your business targets with managed fees
  • Save staff time and ensure practice consistency
  • Improve the accuracy of medical records, client invoices and printouts
  • Measure your performance by profit – not gross revenue

RxWorks Mobile Veterinarian module is a straight forward, practical solution for ambulatory veterinarians. Specifically designed to keep your office moving as much as you do, you will enjoy the ability to make accurate and timely updates to your RxWorks database while out in the field.


  • Take advantage of improved mobility by accessing records and managing client/patient information on location
  • Take your practice on the road by synchronising your laptop data with your main computer
  • Minimise practice wastage with accurate and cost-effective truck inventory
  • Reduce missed charges and improve patient care with pre-existing templates

Avoid the chances of missed reminders and other potential problems from not having accurate details attached to your products. Experience has shown us that even those with the best intentions may not keep product information as consistent as they hope to. Because this also affects key management tasks within your practice, RxWorks has thought of a way to help you maintain accurate product details, save your staff time and keep your patient care and revenue pristine. We do this by maintaining the data for you.


  • Increase the accuracy of  your reminder and recall data
  • Improve the reliability of your management reporting
  • Enhance your inventory management with accurate product codes and purchase orders
  • Improve customer service by ensuring your bills contain clear and informative details
  • Simplify the creation of prescription labels
  • Reduce wastage with accurate pack sizes
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