When it comes to choosing a practice management system you can be sure that RxWorks is the right solution for your business.

Our solutions are designed to help you to achieve your goals and ensure your practice continues to grow. RxWorks has everything you would expect in a practice management system and much more. It has been designed specifically to add real value to the way veterinary practices operate on a day to day basis.

Growing your practice and setting you free

We have built RxWorks with real veterinarians in mind. Progressive practices expect their software to assist in all activities that impact their success. We are aware that success means different things to different people in your practice. RxWorks brings processes and tools that address all of those diverse needs.

Why choose RxWorks?

Benefits for patient care

  • Improved customer service
  • Enhanced patient treatment
  • Increased acceptance of healthcare recommendations

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Benefits for your business

  • Increased practice revenue and profit
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved client retention
  • Streamlined practice workflows

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Achieve your practice potential

  • Training staff on operational processes and using technology to automate practice processes
  • Tailoring RxWorks to meet your individual practice needs
  • Providing assistance 24/7
  • Ensuring effective processes with pre-defined content databases

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Solutions for all practices

Ambulatory, Animal Shelters, Breeding, Corporates/Groups, Educational / University, Emergency, Equine, Small Animal, Specialty / Referral, Sports and Working Animals.

Want the best for your practice?

The RxWorks Quality Care System combines all of the revolutionary RxWorks modules into one bundle designed to ensure your practice is achieving peak performance.

What is the Quality Care System?

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Find out how our solutions can improve your practice