User Security for Estimates

User Security for Estimates

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In older versions of RxWorks, security to add, modify or delete estimates was tied in with a user’s consultation security. In 5.2 this has been broken out into a separate user security control. A user can now be given access to delete an un-transferred estimate without also requiring delete access to visits.


A new security setting has been added to the User Security Profile. This is found Options & Setup > User > Security

Each user can be configured with a security level for Estimate Access of None, View, Add, Modify or Delete.

Business Rules

Warning will display to the user if they do not have access to perform the action.

  • Users with delete access can only delete estimates that have not been transferred to a visit.
  • Users with delete access can only delete estimates marked as a template if that user is the one who created it.
  • System Admins can delete any estimate regardless of business rule.
  • During the upgrade to 5.2, users will be set to have the same Estimate Access as their Consultation Access.
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