Standard Fee Override Per Clinic

Standard Fee Override Per Clinic

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Items can have standard fees associated with them and in the past it was impossible for branch clinic to have different selections for the items from other branch clinics.

With version 5.0 however it is possible for each branch to have their own standard fee for both units and packs, for the same item.

Viewing Applied Standard Fee

The Fees page now has extra two buttons next to each standard fee drop down. These buttons turn red if there is a clinic specific override selected. The standard fees visible initially are the global standard fees which unless overridden through the […] button will apply.

If as per the above example, the standard fee has been overridden, the fixed fee list will reflect this along with a text to let you know the list you are seeing is not related to the global standard fee but to the overridden standard fee. This is so you can easily see what will be charged if the item is used.

Configuring Standard Fee Override

Pressing the […] button opens up the above screen, where the both the unit and pack standard fees can be altered for the currently logged in branch clinic. The global name shows what is applied by default, whereas the clinic section allows you to select your own standard fee.

If no standard fee is to be applied, this can also be selected from this screen by selecting “Override As None” option from the drop down. This means for your currently logged in branch clinic, the standard fee will not apply.

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