RxWorks for Corporates

RxWorks for Corporates

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When working as part of a corporate group, it is important to balance global needs of the Head Office with the varying needs of individual clinics. From both a configuration and day-to-day use point of view, RxWorks allows flexibility in many areas of the system to achieve this balance. This helps reduce management and admin needs of inputting configuration into the system along with ensuring brand and protocol consistency across the group, without getting in the way of individual clinics being able to work within the constraints of their target demographic clients and staff needs
This document outlines the major features of RxWorks and summarizes whether they are managed globally, locally, or a combination of both. Analysis of the functionality is based on RxWorks 5.0 and above


Feature Global Local Notes
Clipboards/Appointment Times   Clipboards can be filtered to which clinics can see them
Block outs    
Appointment Types   Global list, but clinics can decide which ones to use from the list & what the default duration should be for their clinic. Appointment colours defined globally.

User Lists

Feature Global Local Notes
List of users   Global user list, but can define which clinics the user has access to.
Drop downs showing users, eg. consulting Dr list   Restricted to users that have access to the clinic the user is logged into

Clients/Patient/Visit/Financial Records

Feature Global Local Notes
Visibility of client/patient records   Setting can be enabled to change from being able to see all clients to only seeing clients from clinics that the logged in user has access to
Preferred Clinic   Every client has a preferred clinic. This is used to filter many reports
Client balance   Balance for the client is calculated across all clinics
List of Summary Words    
Till Float    
Payment Types Accepted    
Fee Rounding Level    


Feature Global Local Notes
Account Runs (accounts receivable)   The account run is generated centrally each month (or whatever global schedule required). The actual reports can then be printed or emailed by each clinic, filtered to their own clients
Account Notes, Style of Report    
Account Fees, Syndication Fees, Settlement Discounts   Set globally per account type
Reminder Run   The reminder run is generated globally each month (or whatever global schedule required). The actual reminder letters can then be printed or emails by each clinic, filtered to their own clients
Reminder Periods   The default reminder periods attached to items/product sales are set globally as part of the item configuration
Recall Configuration, including default recall period for auto recalls attached to items    
Recall List   Recall list filtered by clinic to allow clinics to manage their own list of calls
Invoice Style   Clinic can override global setting


Feature Global Local Notes
Service Heading List    
Item list   Global list of items, however clinics can choose to hide certain items. Item config eg name, species, income groups, stock order codes are global.
Item inventory control – ideal, critical levels, on hand level, preferred supplier    
Item pricing   Can be global, per clinic or shared amongst several clinics. Within this, can be a set prices or deviated by a % from master price clinic. For more information on pricing strategies, see ‘Pricing for multi clinics’ document
Tax Rates   If not running deviations, set at pricing clinic level. If running deviations, set per service heading, per clinic.
Item Markup Groups   List of markup groups is set globally, but percentage rate can be per pricing clinic
Minimum Fee Levels    
Standard Fees (Dispensing & Injection Fees)   List is maintained globally, however clinics can override which standard fee is applied to which item. They can also choose which level of pricing to use for a particular standard fee from a global list of choices
Drug Labels   Layout & wording set globally, however clinic details added via merge fields
Procedure List   Global list of procedures, however clinics can personalise a procedure & replace with their own. This then gives them control of all aspects of the procedure except the name which comes from the parent. The parent procedure is hidden in this instance. Individual procedures can be configured to be only available to one clinic group. For more information on pricing strategies, see ‘Pricing for multi clinics’ document. Clinics can also choose to hide particular global procedures. All other procedure features such as name are defined globally.
Bundle List   Global list of bundles. A bundle can be configured to be only available to one clinic group. Clinics can also choose to hide particular global bundles
Bundle units & other config   Clinics can override the global default for Units, Minimum Units *, Optional* & Included by Default (* indicates features only available with Performance Pack or Super Bundles modules).All other bundle features such as name are defined globally

Merge Documents, Document Integration, Reports

Feature Global Local Notes
Forms, Letters, Certificates   Defined globally, however 1 or more different versions of the documents can be created and clinics can opt to use a particular version instead of the global. The versions are separate Word documents & can be completely different contents. Name of the document is defined globally. This feature allows head office to control & approve brand message but give clinics flexibility in the exact document & wording used
Document Integration Folders   Each clinic can define the location(s) to import files from for auto attaching to client, patient, visit records
Logos for Documents   Can have different header/footer logos for documents without requiring Document Versions
Report Filtering   All relevant reports can be filtered by clinic or clinic group. Users that have access to a subset of clinics can only run reports for clinics they have access to

General Config

A lot of the general config of the data lists and screens are set globally to enforce data consistency and common corporate business rules

Feature Global Local Notes
Species List    
Colour List    
Client screen config for fields, eg client categories    
Client Account Types    
Patient screen config    
Config for which fields are required or prompt, such as client address etc    
List of Insurance Companies    
Care Plan Configuration    
Integrations eg lab, suppliers, SmartFlow etc    
Credit Card Surcharge    

Performance Pack

Feature Global Local Notes


Feature Global Local Notes
Rates   Defined per type of cage

Healthcare Manager

Feature Global Local Notes
Activation of prompts    
Prompt Text    
Primary & Secondary Rules    
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