Rabies Vaccination & Certificate Workflows

Rabies Vaccination & Certificate Workflows

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RxWorks now supports a complete rabies vaccination workflow, from storing all the necessary information about the vaccination to producing the actual vaccination certificate with all the information available and storing it as part of the consult.

Rabies Workflow Setting

In order to use the rabies workflows described in the following sections the setting “System – Enable Rabies Related Workflows and Settings” must be enabled.
This is found in Application Settings found in: tools & Utilities > Application > Application Settings

This setting is automatically enabled for U.S. based clinics.

Setting Up A Rabies Vaccination Item

Setting up an item as a rabies specific vaccination allows it to trigger the rabies workflows when the item is charged out, whether individually or as part of a rabies vaccination procedure/bundle.

There are 3 components to making to making a fee a rabies specific vaccination described below.

1) the item needs to be ticked as a rabies vaccine first. This, upon saving the fee, will prompt for some default information such as type of vaccine (live or killed) and the name of the manufacturer.

2) the item should have a proper rabies reminder, unless the item is a part of a larger rabies vaccination procedure. If it is, the procedure should contain an item which will have the rabies vaccination reminder itself and the above item does not necessarily need the reminder to be set on it. If a consult where the rabies vaccination was charged does not have an appropriate rabies reminder, information on the rabies certificate such as next rabies due date will not be available.

3) finally a rabies vaccination certificate should be attached to the item. This is so that when the visit is finalised, the certificate can be printed. The program will also mark the certificate as auto attach – meaning upon print, a copy will be generated as a PDF file and attached to the consult.

Once the above steps are complete the fee is ready to be used. What happens when it is charged will be covered in the section below.

The merge fields which are available to the rabies certificate are covered at the end.

Finally, the method of administration on the certificate will be taken from the fixed fee charged on the said rabies item.

The default values for manufacturer and vaccination type can also be changed at any time by simply editing the update fields associated with the item.

Note: the above tickbox will not be visible if the rabies workflow has been turned off.

Rabies Vaccination Workflow

When a rabies fee is charged out and the visit finalised, the program presents the user with a custom field screen. This screen contains a section for the rabies certificate information.

On this screen, the rabies tag number can be entered as well as the manufacturer and the vaccination type. The last two are defaulted to what the fee defaults were set when the rabies fee tickbox was enabled.

The rabies tag displayed will be the last one entered into the system for the currently logged in clinic. Depending on the settings for the rabies tag custom field, it can also advance by one automatically.

the rabies tag entered must be unique, if it is not the program will not let you proceed from this point.

The remaining fields can not be edited but are shown so the user knows what will be set on the certificate and can physically confirm the information is correct.

If the rabies fee has a document attached to it and the document is selected to be printed in the finalise options, a PDF copy will automatically be attached to the consultation.

It should be noted that for this workflow to occur, the Finalise & Action button should be used.
This will present the user with a list of documents to print as part of finalising the visit.

Alternatively on the visit screen itself, under the Printing tab, the certificate can be printed manually. If this is done, please ensure the visit is saved and finalised, as the information needed for the rabies certificate will not be available until the above happens.

If the said document is then printed or previewed from the visit screen for the same consult, the program will ask whether to use the already attached certificate or merge a new one. The certificate can be seen at any time by simply going to the attachment section for the consult.

Patient Screen – Quick Rabies Information

Patient screen will show a rabies vaccination status section which contains the tag number and the next vaccination due date. The date will either be green if the vaccination is current or red if the next due date has gone past today’s date.

This section is only visible if the animal has a rabies tag number.

Note: this functionality will not be visible if the workflow setting is turned off.

Searching By Rabies Tag

Patients can be searched for by using the rabies tag itself. This works the same way as any other patient or client search and can be invoked from any of the search sections – Client, Patient, Visit or Financial.

Note: this functionality will not be visible if the workflow setting is turned off.

New Merge Fields

In order to populate the rabies certificates RxWorks has created new merge fields specifically for the said purpose. These can be found towards the end of the available merge fields beginning with the word Rabies.

The following is an explanation of where each field gets its value from:
<>, <> and <> are entered in the rabies certificate information screen.
<> and <> is the expiry date and the lot/batch number on the rabies vaccination fee.
<> and <> come from the rabies reminder generated by the consult – whether through the fee itself or a procedure. The reminder should contain the word rabies in it.
<> comes from the actual consultation date where the fee was charged.
<> comes from the last consult custom field entry where the tag number differs from the current one for the given patient.
<> comes from the fixed fee component charged as part of the rabies vaccination fee.

A sample version of a rabies certificate using the above merge fields can downloaded by clicking this link:
Sample Rabies Certificate Template

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