Pricing – Markup Groups

Pricing – Markup Groups

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Item Pricing – Markup Groups

What is a Markup Group

The sale price of an item can either be a set price which doesn’t vary based on the cost or markup-based which adjusts the sale price based on the cost price
A markup group is a container for a specific markup percentage that a group of similar fees should use. A markup group provides a single point of configuration for the markup % which makes it easy to update the markup of a group of items in 1 place.

Examples of markup groups you may consider are ‘Injections’, ‘Medications’, ‘Merchandise’, ‘Nutrition’.
A markup group controls the markup of the Variable Component side of the item’s pricing. If an item has multiple Variable Componentquantity breaks for use in stepped or sliding scales, the markup group % controls the first quantity break. Once a markup group has been assigned to an item, the markup % cannot be manually changed as it is controlled by the Markup Group configuration
Markup Groups can be configured in Options & Setup > Item > Item Markup Groups.

Setting an Item to Use a Markup Group

To set an item to use a markup group:

  1. RxWorks Orb or Task Panel.
  2. Products & Services.
  3. Navigate to the Item.
  4. On the Fee Details tab, click the Edit button next to Markup Group.
  5. Select the correct Markup Group from the list. The % markup that will apply is shown.
  6. Click Save to apply the selected markup group and recalculate the sale price.

Once a markup group has been selected, the markup for the variable component cannot be manually edited & the sale price is calculated based on the cost price, markup and tax rate.

Changes to the Cost Price will automatically recalculate the Sale Price based on the following calculation:
Sale Price = Cost Price x Markup % x tax Rate %

If you are using the Veterinary Supply Database every inventory item must be assigned a markup group. To manually edit the markup % for an item, select the Markup Group ‘Shoppable: Set Own Markup’.

To revert an item back to manually markup configuration, set the Markup Group to ‘(None)’.

Multiple Variable Components

Certain fees may be configured with multiple variable components, for use in Stepped & Sliding Scale pricing. For these fees, the markup group only applies to the first variable component level. Subsequent variable components must be manually setup with a markup or set Sale Price.

To edit the markup or Sale Price, double click on the Variable Component price and edit the details.

You should review the sale price of items with multiple variable components regularly to ensure the sale price is configured as desired.

Multi-Clinic Pricing

In a multi-clinic pricing setup where clinics maintain their own prices for each item markup groups can work in 2 ways.

  • Each markup group can be configured with a different % markup for each pricing clinic.
  • Each item can select which markup group to use for each pricing clinic. This includes selecting no markup group for a particular pricing clinic which allows the markup to be manually edited, rather than running from the central markup group configuration.
  • It is recommended that Option 1 be used in most situations. This reduces the complexity of your pricing setup and provides a consistent methodology to markup groups.

    To configure an item’s Markup Group in a Multi Clinic Price Setup:

  • Follow the steps above to edit the Markup Group on the item.
  • For each pricing clinic, select the Markup Group to apply. Pricing Clinic 1, listed at the top, is always the default configuration. For each other pricing clinic, select to use either.
  • Default – which will apply the same Markup Group as Price Clinic 1.
  • None – will allow the markup % to be manually edited for this Price Clinic, rather than working from a Markup Group.
  • Specific Markup Group.
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