Multi-Clinic Pricing

Multi-Clinic Pricing

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Flexible pricing is essential in a competitive marketplace

For multi-location practices, pricing strategy can be a challenge. You need to compete in each of your local markets and establish profitability goals that are reasonable for each location.
To compare performance between locations, a single pricing strategy is obviously easier to manage – but could be impractical with differing economic environments.
The problem is in maintaining the fee structure for each location when you have different markets.

How can RxWorks help?

In this version we have extended the fee maintenance capabilities. In previous versions you were able to designate one clinic as the “main” pricing clinic and all other clinics would use that fee database. Any changes would affect all locations. You also had the alternative to have a separate fee database for each location. Unfortunately there was a lot work maintaining each individual database, especially if you have several locations.

In V4.6 we’ve introduced a Multi-Clinic Pricing page that makes maintenance of individual fee databases, much easier.
You can now choose the clinic or clinics you wish to work on and change markup groups, variable and fixed fee structures for an item.
Clinics with a separate database can also be designated as the main pricing clinic for other clinics in the organization – providing you with the option of a hybrid between centralised and individual fee databases.

For more information, please download the instructions for use.

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