Minimum PC Requirements to Run RxWorks

Minimum PC Requirements to Run RxWorks

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Below is a link to the list of the minimum requirements for a single PC to run RxWorks version 5 and upwards. For Peer-to-Peer, Cloud, or Server installations, the given specifications will need to be assessed for each individual solution required.

If you do require a network solution; hard drive space, processor and RAM configuration, Operating Systems and SQL versions are all areas that will need to be addressed depending on the number of terminals required.
Essentially, the more computers on your network, the more of the above components that may be necessary. For example, we estimate a further 20 GB of free hard disk space on the server per additional networked computer.

Minimum Application Requirements

Click here to view the System Requirements.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Support Team.

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