Functions and Advanced Features

Functions and Advanced Features

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Basic RxWorks Functions

As you would expect, RxWorks does all the basic functions that you need from frontline veterinary practice management software.

The RxWorks Software:

  • Maintains Client, Patient & detailed medical records
  • Creates invoices, payments and monthly accounts
  • Makes appointments
  • Provides security for sensitive administrative and financial functions
  • Advanced RxWorks Features

    However, RxWorks is more than just a static system for recording information. Its practice management functions allow greater control over your business functions and automate many of the repetitive actions that would otherwise take away from the time available for business management.


  • Manages inventory, including order creation and receipting
  • Generates statistical and financial analysis
  • Tracks patients through the clinic and in the hospital
  • Generates patient reminders and targeted mailing
  • Manages your Standards of Care, promoting health care compliance
  • Accelerated Performance in RxWorks

    Finally, powerful Performance Pack features support your business giving you greater scope and a more solid foundation for making management decisions.

    They allow you to record and make better use of the information you already have to:

  • Help you identify the actual costs of and business factors linked to providing your veterinary services
  • Articulate and record your stated business goals regarding profitability
  • Set up a solid foundation of fee and care standards
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