Event Manager Templates and Twitter Education Campaigns

Event Manager Templates and Twitter Education Campaigns

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Effectively Inform and Educate Your Clients through Social Media

Many industry advisors and consultants agree that keeping clients up-to-date with your practice activities is very important in maintaining a strong relationship – and using social media to do the job is extremely effective. Most advisors also recognise that your clients and followers are much more likely to respond to regular updates to your practice’s twitter wall.

Posting information on upcoming open-houses or service promotions are typical uses for social media. But there’s an even more powerful application that you should consider. As an educated client is considered a better client, why not create a series of educational messages on a topic? Post a new message to your wall every two or three days.
The problem is to remember to login and post the messages as well as having the time available to do it. If it’s left to a manual process, it’s likely to be inconsistent and fail.

How can you reliably conduct an education campaign?

We introduced RxWorks Event Manager and Twitter integration in V4.5 and have added new functionality to both in V4.6 to enable you to automate the process. You can now use Event Manager to setup the messages in an Education Campaign ahead of time and then forget about them. Your Twitter account is configured to work with RxWorks and away you go.

Creating Education Campaigns

We have introduced an easy way to create a Campaign by importing messages from a text file. To make it even easier we have included several pre-written Campaigns on popular topics. These can be used immediately or edited to suit your own preferences. You can also create completely new Campaigns as needed. You simply import those Campaigns to an Event and setup your automated fees in seconds.

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