Email Queue Settings (Outgoing)

Email Queue Settings (Outgoing)

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What is the Email Queue?

Most “Internet Service Providers” (ISP’s) have measures to block spam email and to prevent distribution from the source. One of the methods used to counter spam email is to block any mail sent in large volumes at once. The number of emails that can be sent before being marked as spam is variable depending on your service provider and the type of internet account you hold.
The volume of email sent by a clinic during a “reminder run” or by sending a number of automated SMS messages can sometimes exceed the limits imposed by an ISP. This can mean that important communication to your clients may be blocked.
To minimise the chances of your messages being blocked, RxWorks can send your messages in a staggered fashion. This is achieved by holding the messages in a queue for release in small batches. A short delay is added between each batch release.

Navigating to the Email Queue Settings

All settings for enabling queuing and setting the delay time for outgoing email can be found by:

Navigating To The Email Queue Settings

  1. Navigate to the RxWorks ‘Task Panel,’
  2. Select ‘Email Manager’ from the left hand side of the Task Panel Window.
  3. Select ‘Email Queue Settings’ from under the ‘Configuration’ area.

Setting up Email Queuing

Use the following settings to enable queuing and set the delay time for outgoing email.

Queue Emails

If this box is unchecked, all email will be sent as soon as they are generated by a user.

Delay Between Emails

Set the number of seconds to wait before sending the next email. The recommended delay time is 15 seconds.

Maximum Emails In Each 5 Min Period

This setting restricts the maximum number of emails that can be sent in any 5 minute period. The recommended number of emails is 8.

Do Not Send Emails Before/After

Set the start and end times to begin sending bulk email. This feature can be used sending emails during the day when clients are more likely to respond immediately.

Sms Message Priority

Outgoing SMS messages are always given a higher priority over email. This is to ensure that any appointment SMS messages are sent within an acceptable timeframe.
If you send a large number of automated SMS messages through the Automated Message Manager, we recommend you speak to your ISP. Your ISP can help you adjust the delay and maximum batch sizes in RxWorks to ensure your SMS messages are not blocked or delayed.

Be sure to set a large enough window of time that allows for your emails to be sent in a timely manner. This will prevent a back-up of email that did not get sent in your allocated time frame.
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