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Deviation is a way to easily have your pricing change per clinic with a percentage value. Its value will be found in clinics that have multiple branches across different socio-economic areas.

Pricing for Branch Clinics

There is a feature in RxWorks version 4.8 upwards called Deviations, which will allow pricing to change from clinic to clinic.

It works in the following manner.

The main branch of a group of clinics is called the master clinic, and its branch(es) are called the child. The child will use the sales price of the master clinic, give or take a percentage set on individual items. In this way, you only have to change the sales price on the master clinic for all branch clinics to be affected.
Each child branch will have the ability to set its own percentage, which will then get its sale price from the Master clinic. This includes negative percentages also.


The master clinic will set a sale price of say 10.00 for an item, with the child having a deviation of 10% set. This means that the child clinic will be charging 11.00 for the same item.


The following options for this feature can be changed by the support team.
Enable Item Sale Price Deviations. With this turned on the deviation percentages will be accessible from the individual fees screen.
Enable Master Standard Fees will lock the child branches to use the Masters standard fees, they will be unable to change them on their own clinic.
Charging and Price Lookups use New Method will set the system to use the legacy method of charging. This will not change report generation. (version 4.8 only)

Once these settings are set, you then only have to set the percentage on items that you want to change with the master clinics price. To do this you can set the deviation percentage in the quantity break or the service fee options on the fee item.

The implementation of Deviations has made some reporting slow. This is due to the new calculations that the reports have to do to accommodate this new system of charging.
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