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Feature Overview

In multi-branch clinic setups, not all fees in your Product & Services list may be relevant to each branch clinic. By default every fee will display, but you can exclude certain items or groups of item via a filter.
When an item has been excluded for a particular branch clinic, it will no longer be available for charging when logged into that clinic.

Items can be added to the exclusion filter for a branch clinic in several ways:

  • Individually from the Fee Screen
  • In bulk via service heading, name or last used date
  • When charging
  • An item can be identified as being part of the filter via an orange ‘Clinic Filter’ button on the fee page ribbon bar.
    This feature was added in version 4.5.

    Managing Excluded Items for Particular Clinics

    Manage Filtered Items Individually

    To configure the exclusions for an individual item, navigate to the Item then click the Clinic Filter button from the Ribbon Toolbar

    Select the clinic which should not be able to charge this item and click Add to Exclusions
    To allow a clinic that was previously excluded to charge the fee, click the Delete icon next to the clinic nameIf the item has clinic exclusions, the Clinic Filter button will display orange on the toolbar.

    Manage Filtered Items in Bulk

    A tool has been added to allow groups of items to be excluded in one operation, rather than updating each individual item. It will also allow you to review the items that have been excluded for a clinic.
    Go to Task Panel > Tools & Utilities > Products & Services > Item Clinic Filter – Bulk Update.

    To view items that are currently excluded for a clinic, select the clinic name and enter a filter for example a part of the item name or the service heading.

    To stop an item being excluded for the clinic, select it by clicking the checkbox next to its name and click Remove Selected.
    To exclude an item from this clinic, click Exclude Item and search for it.
    To exclude a group of items click Add Bulk Exclusions. You can filter by item name, service heading, not charged at this clinic for a certain number of months or not used in inventory (Orders, Goods Receipts, Adjustments, Transfers) at this clinic for a certain number of months. Click ‘Create Exceptions’ to add the items to the filter for the selected clinic.

    To remove items from the filter, select the checkbox next to the Item and click “Remove Selected”.

    Manage Filtered Items from the Visit Screen

    As you are working in a visit record, you may see items listed that you no longer want to be able to charge from the current clinic. You can exclude individual items directly from the visit charge list.

    The item will be excluded the next time a visit is added.

    Remember that the clinic filter for an item is applicable to all users that are logged into that clinic.

    Security for Allowing Edits to the Clinic Filter

    Allow users the ability to make edits by configuring the ‘Allow Charge Exclusions Configuration’ security policy.
    Go to Tools and Utilities > Policies > ‘Allow Charge Exclusions Configuration’.

    “Follow this link” to learn more about configuring security policies.

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