Charging Fixed Prices Based on Weight

Charging Fixed Prices Based on Weight

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RxWorks can be configured to apply a fixed value price, dependent on the weight of the patient. This is useful for products such as proheart injections or services like a grooming wash charge

Configure Fee

Using 2 options on the Item Pricing screen, weight based pricing, with fixed weight bands can be configured.

  1. Tick ‘Apply Patient Weight’
    This option will set the units when charging to the patient’s weight (as added in the visit screen) multiplied by the ‘Default’ value on the Variable side of the fee (normally set to 1).

  2. Tick ‘Use Fixed Prices For Quantities’
    This will set the sale price to the actual monetary value entered for Sale Price, rather than multiplying by the units entered

  3. Add multiple quantities with the quantity representing the weight band. Set the price to the price to apply for that weight band.

Example of Usage

  1. When adding the visit, enter the patient’s current weight.
  2. The units when adding the charge will default to the patient’s weight (due to ‘Apply Patient Weight’ setting on the fee)
  3. The price will be fixed (‘Use fixed price for quantities’ setting) to the quantity bracket set on the fee (in this example, the 10-15 bracket, therefore charging 25.00)

If the units are changed to a different bracket, the price will update.

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