Integration Partners

Integration Partners

The data stored in your practice management solution is one of your practice’s most important assets, and our goal as your provider is to keep your data safe. Given the rise in cyber-attacks, viruses and data breaches globally we have decided to create a new partner certification system with the aim to minimise the risk to your data.


RxWorks has many approved integrations that enable you to subscribe to additional products and services that rely on your data, such as laboratory integrations and credit card processing. As we release increased security protocols now and in the future, we do not expect these approved integrations to have significant interruptions. However, if you are currently using an integration, service provider or another method of data access that has not been authenticated and approved by us, future security enhancements may cause significant interruptions to these unapproved services. If you are providing data access to a third party that does not appear on this list, it is extremely important that you ask the third party vendor contact us immediately at


Certified Partners

Online Booking

  • 1st Available
  • Vetstoria
  • Vetbooker


Payment Integration

  • Tyro – Payment/EFTPOS
  • Vetpay – Payment/EFTPOS


Policy and Procedures

  • Standard Practice


Insurance Integration

  • Petsure


Controlled Drug Register

  • Vet S8



  • Provet
  • Covetrus (UK)