Genesis™ Hematology Analyzer

Genesis™ is an in-house, easy to use and maintenance free hematology laboratory solution.

With the fully automated CBC unit’s dual laser impedance technology, you will be analysing your patient’s blood results in two minutes. Better for your client’s piece of mind as well as saving you time.

Genesis™ is ready to analyze samples 24 hours a day; no start-up, no shutdowns and no weekly maintenance. The potential for clogs or clots is virtually eliminated.

Why does your practice need a Genesis Hematology Analyser?

  • Immediate hematology lab results
  • Provide your patients with timelier care
  • Improve the peace of mind of your clients
  • Increase practice revenue

What does it do?

Test Features

  • 20 uL Blood Sample
  • 6 part differential numbers and percentage
  • NRBC numbers and percentage
  • Retic numbers and percentage

Machine Features

  • Dual laser impedance
  • Two minute cycle time
  • True 27 parameter system
  • Over 50 species on board
  • No maintenance
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Fully automated: mix and process up to 5 samples
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