Our software works best when there is a stable and efficient platform to run on.

This includes the server, network and other devices used by the program. To get the best out of RxWorks, we have designed and tested a range of hardware configurations that meet the demands of your software and a veterinary practice environment.

Our hardware solutions

Dedicated servers

No software meets its true potential without a stable working platform. In the RxWorks environment, that platform is your server and your network. We develop our server loads parallel with our software to ensure your investment in RxWorks meets its potential. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing you’re supported by a proven and reliable system.

Networking peripherals

We invest the time to really understand your needs. That way, we can ensure your networking equipment brings you maximum reliability, value for money and workflow efficiency. There is a network solution perfect for every practice type, from single branches, to multiple branches right down to those who need to work from home.


We understand every practice is unique. That’s why we provide a range of customised modern workstation solutions designed to suit your practice needs. Our effective setups are pre-tested to guarantee the maximised performance of your practice management software.


Our solutions include:

  • Space saving computers (Thin Client)
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops

Data backups

Data loss might not just be a temporary unavailability of information you’ve collected from years of hard work. Should your server be destroyed, it will be a permanent loss resulting in untold amounts of headaches and costs. Our goal is to help you keep one of the most valuable assets of your practice safe. In the event of a total server failure, our recovery process is quick and easy.

Genesis™ Hematology Analyzer

Genesis™ is an in-house, easy to use and maintenance free hematology laboratory solution.

With the fully automated CBC unit’s dual laser impedance technology, you will be analysing your patient’s blood results in two minutes. Better for your client’s piece of mind as well as saving you time.

Genesis™ is ready to analyse samples 24 hours a day; no start-up, no shutdowns and no weekly maintenance. The potential for clogs or clots is virtually eliminated.


Find out more about the Genesis™ Hematology Analyzer

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