Achieve your potential with RxWorks

For your practice to achieve its potential and get the best results you will need assistance.

There are several ways that we can contribute to your success, these include staff training and management advice, technical and process support, tailoring your solution and content databases that streamline your staff workflow.

How can RxWorks help your practice to achieve its potential:

  • Training staff on operational processes and using technology to automate practice processes
  • Tailoring RxWorks to meet your individual practice needs
  • Providing assistance 24/7
  • Ensuring effective processes with pre-defined content databases

Improving the effectiveness of your staff

Too many solutions are under utilised because their users are not well enough trained. This is because practices usually only schedule one-off training when the software is installed. RxWorks addresses this issue by providing training in many forms including online and onsite training as well as eLearning tools. The idea is to provide training when, where and how is best for the student. Our tools are complemented by our online community, where clients from all over the world can ask questions and get ideas from their peers as well as RxWorks personnel.

Several of the functions in RxWorks can have a significant impact on the way you perform basic day to day tasks. Our training ideology is that if staff understand the benefits and principles, behind the solutions and the process they use, they are better equipped to tackle the everyday problems in practice life.

Improving the effectiveness of your solution

RxWorks’ medical and management functions have flexibility built into them. The challenge is to match the options to the way you wish to run your practice. Our team can help your practice to set up your solution in a way that automates and streamlines your business processes freeing up your staff and making your software more effective.

Our Client Services group lead you through the implementation process. They help you decide on the content of important databases and how workflow options should be tailored to meet your needs. As an example – your practice’s performance is improved with effective client reminders that cover more than just vaccinations. We provide advice on which services should have reminders and which media to use, as well as how to control their frequency and timing.

Ensuring you always have support

As progressive practices are always evolving, there is always something new that offers a challenge to your operations.  Whenever they involve your computer system, your staff needs timely support from RxWorks.  This can be done by contacting our support staff or using solution tools such as our online manuals, and online community forum.

We provide 24/7 worldwide support with offices in Australia, UK and USA. We use a comprehensive case management system to help us facilitate speedy resolutions.  Our goal is to keep disruption of your processes to an absolute minimum.

Improving results with pre-defined content databases 

It is a large but vital task to keep the information in your solution up-to-date. In most practices, the enormous amount of time required by staff means that the databases are often full of inaccurate and old data, which hinders the performance of your solution. Fortunately, there is a fairly simple answer. A lot of the information that’s needed is common from practice to practice – such as that for products you buy from distributors. RxWorks builds and maintains content databases that hold accurate and consistent information ready for you to use. If necessary, you can adjust the information to suit your practice, but the effort needed is a fraction of that to build it from scratch. You end up with processes that you can trust to help increase the efficiency of your practice.

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